China Good quality Hcq/Hca/Hcm/HCV Series Light High-Speed Marine Gearbox gearbox assembly

Product Description

HCQ/HCA/HCM/HCV series Light high-speed marine gearbox

Product Description

The HCQ/HCA/HCM/HCV series lightweight high-speed marine gearbox has a power range of 20kW to 2300 kW, a speed ratio range of 1.0-3.5:1, and complete product specifications. The products with the “Q” model are cast iron boxes, the products with the “M” model are aluminum alloy boxes, and the products with the “A” and “V” models are inclined transmission structures.
This series of products is widely used in various types of yachts, traffic boats, passenger ships, government ships, and other ships
Main technical features of the product:
1. Capable of reversing, clutch, deceleration, and withstanding propeller thrust;
2. Simple and compact structure, small size, and light weight;
3. High rated input speed and high precision in component manufacturing;
4. Excellent overall performance, low noise, and low vibration;
5. Used in conjunction with high-speed diesel engines for small and medium-sized high-speed ships;
6. Adopting mechanical and automated control to achieve emergency and remote control of the gearbox machine;
7. Can design and manufacture products with a small inclination angle of 5-14 ° for input and output.

Product Parameters

Model Input speed(r/min) Reduction ratio(i) Transmission ability
Rated thrust(kn) Center distance
Manipulation type Weight
120C 1000-2500 1.48
0.10 25 180 432*440*650 push-pull, flexible shaft,Electric Control 225
2.96 0.09
3.35 0.08
MB242 1000-2500 2.00
0.103 30 242 442*774*763 push-pull, flexible shaft, electric control 300
5.12 0.100
5.56 0.094
5.88 0.074


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Application: Marine
Function: Clutch, Change Drive Torque, Change Drive Direction, Speed Changing, Speed Reduction
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Oscillating Base Type
Type: Planetary Gear Box
Input Speed: 1000~2500r/Min

China Good quality Hcq/Hca/Hcm/HCV Series Light High-Speed Marine Gearbox   gearbox assembly	China Good quality Hcq/Hca/Hcm/HCV Series Light High-Speed Marine Gearbox   gearbox assembly
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